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Real Angel Contact Photos and True Conversations


Heaven Knows Why
In 2012, God told Christine Snowdon to start using her soul name, “Estrellar,” for her spiritual work. This was re-affirmed by her spiritual guides in a Life Between Lives session with Paul Williamson, a qualified regressionist and author. The aim of her book and website both created in 2007 and titled Touched by Angels, has been to raise awareness of angels, archangels, ascended masters and elemental beings by sharing her techniques for communicating with them.

Over the last six years, Estrellar’s business has evolved; she serves as a voice for various deities and energies in courses designed to help others raise personal energy vibration as a way of becoming one with the planet’s ascension process.

Inside this book, you will find:

  • Predictions from Archangel Michael for the future for mankind
  • Inspirational true life stories of angelic contact
  • Conversations with God
  • Photos of real-life angels and elementals
  • Poetic soul and spirit guidance
  • How to contact your guardian angel
  • How to rid yourself of bad spirits
  • Past life regression conversations involving lifetimes in 1724 and the time of Jesus
  • Angels of Atlantis, unicorns, and elementals